Art Festivals 101: Part 4 “Presentation”

Art festivals are a buffet of art: various sizes, mediums, prices, and creators.  Those that attend art festivals know this.  The experienced shopper can buzz through know where to return and DECIDE to purchase or not before its gone.

But how do you get that extra look or glance or return visit?…..

As artists we create work, however we need to look at our booth as a composition in itself.  Making our work look good, giving the eye a sense of movement through the booth, a break or respite for all the stimulation are all keys to a strong composition.  Many artists simply ignore the power of this composition and slap a bunch of work up on the tent walls far too quickly.

For many artists, hanging the work takes longer than assembling the tent and hauling all the stuff. Presentation is a crucial step in selling the works. It might take some time to hang it, it is part of the process.  Consider the time and effort it took in creating, mounting, framing, wrapping, and transporting the art works!

Top 10 Common Mistakes in Art Booths Related to Presentation:

  1. Too much work hung
  2. Not enough work is hung
  3. Not enough spacing
  4. No cohesion in the work that is displayed
  5. Hard to see the work   (ex. booth is too dark)
  6. Hard to access the work   (ex. barriers, work hung to low or high)
  7. Support for hanging work is distracting
  8. Hung all at one level
  9. Looks like a garage sale
  10. No prices

What are other mistakes in presentation that you have seen at art festivals?

What are some observations or examples that made a booth’s presentation amazing?


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