Apron Magic

Have you seen the recent commercial by Progressive Car Insurance?  I love this commercial because it captures what I refer to as “Apron Magic” Apron Magic is part of my daily creative process as a professional fine artist.  Something happens when I put that apron over my head and tie those apron strings that is.. well magical.  A physical, mental, and emotional shift happens to me.  Why is that?

I think an apron represents many things, mostly an attitude towards your work.  It says ” I AM READY”.  For me, having a creativity routine for a very non-routine job is important, actually it’s essential.  As an artist my career has ebbs and flows, having structure helps the process of creation start. It creates a shift, which is needed for all creative entrepreneurs.

What does your apron or creative routine look like?  Share a picture of your apron or describe your creative routine here, on Twitter #ApronMagic  or #CreativeRoutines @JBCStudios, or Instagram at JBC Studios.Instagram


Merriam-Webster defines apron as noun, often attributive \ˈā-prən, -pərn\

: a piece of clothing that is worn on the front of the body over clothes to keep them from getting dirty

: the part of a stage that is in front of the curtain

: the paved part of an airport where airplanes load or unload or are turned around

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