Artist’s Statement

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Artist’s Statement:

As a kid, I was always creating something: drawings, stories, puppets, journals, baked desserts, and scrapbooks. Always keeping one hand in the art world as I pursued other academic and professional interests. I realized thru the years, when I am creating I am a more complete and happier person. Ideas come to me throughout the day and even while asleep. I have an internal need to create, produce, express, and share these ideas through my art work.

In the midst of having a very rewarding technical sciences career and three wonderful children, I chose to change professions. The birth of our third child played a major role in my decision to change career paths.  I finally acknowledged myself as an artist and gave my self permission to follow my passion to create.

Developing an idea, researching it, and letting it bubble up in my head until the idea is no longer blurry is an inspiring process. I usually have a sense for what the predominate color theme, lines, or feeling of  the piece will be, such as which medium(s) will be used: watercolor, acrylic, or pastel, etc.  Once the piece  is visualized in my mind’s eye, I do a few thumbnail sketches to work thru the process of how I am going to make the vision a reality. The intent of my artwork is to capture and share my perspective thereby initiating a dialogue with the viewer.JBC Studios

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