I Love Art Conversation

I love art

I love art

“I Love art”

Art is for everyone, even if you can’t explain why you love a piece of art.  Art can connect with us on a level that is beyond words, bring us to another space, stops us and demand we examine it further. Art speaks to us through our eyes, yet we experience it with our soul. If art speaks to you, listen.


Comedian Brian Regan does a fantastic job of joining the “I Love Art” conversation and bringing it down to earth. Enjoy a clip from his tour “The Epitome of Hyperbole” (2008).

Do you love art? What is your favorite piece of art?

Join the “I Love Art” conversation on Twitter at @JBCStudios  Tweet images and names of your favorite art works,  use the tag #ILoveArt  . There are no wrong answers to this question.

NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED. Comedian Brian Regan during “The Epitome of Hyperbole” (2008) on the topic of art.


Professional Fine Artist and Creative Entrepreneur who produces organic abstract fine art based in the west.

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