Hang Your Artwork, How to Guide

Art collectors and buyers ask me all the time, “what is the best way to hang my artwork?”  There are many ways, here is your Hang Your Artwork, How to Guide to hanging 2D artwork.   Beyond the physical mechanics of hanging artwork, the where a piece of artwork is hung is just as important as how it is hung.  Artwork can be hung in groupings, used as a focal point, and to set a tone to the room and it’s decor.  Here are some key points to consider when hanging artwork listed below:

  1. What are the measurements of the wall space?
  2. How heavy is the piece?
  3. Does the artwork already have wire or wall mounting mechanism on back?
  4. What is the wall  made of (drywall, brick, wood, etc.)?
  5. What type of mount or hanging system will be used?
  6. How much traffic will this area get?
  7. What type of lighting is there (direct, indirect, sunlight)?
  8. What room or area do you want to hang this artwork?
  9. What is the theme of the artwork?
  10. How many pieces of artwork do you want to hang?
  11. Do you need to worry about safety and security of the artwork, such as earthquakes, kids, food splatters, theft, etc)?


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