Art Festivals 101: Part 3 “Booth Sentinels”

sen·ti·nel (snt-nl)

n. One that keeps guard; a sentry.
tr.v. sen·ti·neled or sen·ti·nelled, sen·ti·nel·ing or sen·ti·nel·ling, sen·ti·nels
1. To watch over as a guard.
2. To provide with a guard.
3. To post as a guard.
When exhibiting or selling your work and wares at an art festival or show it is important to NOT be a “booth sentinel”.  These are the folks that are parked out front of their tents and booths that look a bouncer for a party.  They scare potential visitors and buyers aware.  It is too intense and intimidating for a booth guest to even come in and look even if they are dying to come examine your work up close.
It is hard to maintain a sense of spaciousness in a 10 by 10 foot square booth, however it is possible.  So when you are exhibiting your work at an art festival keep in mind; your personal space, body language, and maintaining some space for guests to come in.  They don’t want to be preyed upon or attacked the minute they come in.  Give them some time to look, if they look longer then you know they are truly interested in your work and when they are ready approach them.  It is all about observation, just like when an artist creates they have to be observant.  Selling is an art.  The selling artist must be aware and respectful to thier audience.


[French sentinelle, from Italian sentinella, probably from Old Italian sentina, vigilance, from sentire, to watch, from Latin sentre, to feel; see sent- in Indo-European roots.]

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