Art Festivals 101: Part 2

Here is a list of “Things to Bring to an Art Festival” if you are setting up your own booth that I continue to tweek as time goes on and the more shows I do. I am always learning.  This list is quite lengthy, so beware.  What else do you bring or think would be good to bring?

  1. tent and all its parts
  2. weights for tent
  3. business cards
  4. art work for sale
  5. Rain jacket, jacket, layers
  6. sunscreen & sunglasses
  7. hat
  8. chapstick
  9. tools for fixing frames, wire, tent, etc
  10. duct tape & clear tape
  11. scissors that cut cable ties
  12. stapler
  13. receipt book
  14. money box and some $ to make change
  15. calculator (to figure tax)
  16. pens and pencils
  17. guest book
  18. table or working surface
  19. a collapsible chair
  20. protective wrapping for art work (used for transport & wrap after purchase)
  21. snacks and water bottle
  22. small thermos with hot beverage if cold outside
  23. cable ties
  24. stickers or labels for prices
  25. s hooks to hang work
  26. cushioned pad to stand on
  27. waterproof tote with lid for stuff to stay dry
  28. folding step ladder
  29. table cloth for table
  30. camera to take some pictures of event, booth, etc
  31. bungee cords
  32. cell phone
  33. helper/friend to help set up and take down booth and load up
  34. band-aids and/or gloves
  35. shammy

Professional Fine Artist and Creative Entrepreneur who produces organic abstract fine art based in the west.

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